Customer Data Integration or simply as CDI is the process of combining customer information from various customer data resources including bookkeeping process information resources, shipping process information, sales process information and so on. In addition to that, this involves combined technology and processes to share, store and track customer data. CDI is very useful as it provides complete, timely analytics and complete reports that help business to further improve its customer relation management or CRM.

The CRM based software programs for CELIGO helps the system to easily identify every customer. These software applications are monitoring the transactions, number of visits, preferences of the customer. CDI system also provides specified reports for every customer especially on the good and loyal ones. This said feature helps tons of companies to understand further their customers individually and design a customized plan perfect for each at the same time.

Nowadays, CDI practices are being implemented in all sorts of organizations and businesses regardless of their size be it small, medium or large. Well, this thing totally makes sense as CDI is capable of maximizing CRM practices and even business intelligence initiatives. A great CDI solution will ensure that there's automation in all of company's departments and timely reports too. In addition to that, using customer data integration system helps to reduce manual paperwork and even the working expenditures of the company.

The advantage of using Celigo provides a sync solution for Google Suite and NetSuite solutions than manual solutions are quite a lot some being better customer contact management and lead management, automated business procedure, enhancement in specific marketing programs such as easy sales tracking, e-mail marketing, elimination of duplicate and false data entry, time savings, direct marketing and easy access to all data resources. with CDI solutions, it also helps in activity management processes, budget preparing as well as troubleshooting.

There are actually 3 main technologies used to build CDI solutions and these are Enterprise Information Integration, Extract-Transform-Load and Data Quality tools. In ETL, it is used to transfer big volume of data in batch mode, in EII, this is the one responsible to share queries while DQ tools track the information resources. Today, there are wide varieties of other technologies being used in an effort to boost the modularity of CDI solutions.

To properly integrate CDI solution, it is crucial for companies to employ proper strategy for it. Planning needs to be done at the most fundamental step and has to consider getting expert's help to avoid problems in the future.